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Dr. Seyyed Ataollah Mohajerani
November 1999

Dear MR. Bahram Hemayat

Your successful attempt to edit and publish the book


LIFE AND SELECTED WORKS OF M.R.IRANI is a remarkable  of your attention to the magnificent cultural activities and also an embodiment of carrying out the great responsibility of all the scholars as well as the devoted men of letters.
To appreciate those who play a proper role in highlighting the Islamic and Iranian Culture is a responsibility for the Islamic society and for those in charge of the cultural affairs.
The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance highly appreciates you for your special contribution to this great work.



Dr.Seyyed Kamal Kharazi
Minister of Foreign Affairs
November 1998

The publication of the arts and cultural works in foreign languages,such as your invaluable book
"PASSION FOR PAINTING" is a great contribution to introduce the time-honoured culture of our great Islamic
Nation to the world people.
Artist's Wife and Children
April 1998

Note of Gratitude

Dear Mr. Bahram Hemayat
As the wife of an artist of our country and together with my son and daughter ,NIMA and AIDA,I express my
sincere gratitude to you who are an eminent person and a pure-hearted faithful friend and also a candid patron for the community of arts in Iran,for
the publication of this significant book , although you were always busy with your job.The words fail short to express the grandeur of your efforts;nevertheless, we are awed into silence by the solemnity of you ,your dear wife and children.
Ge'rard Beaupretre
Counsellor cultural,scientific cooperations
Embassy of France,Tehran
April 1998

I would like to congratulate you on your great contribution to publish this beautiful work which ,by itself,
is an honour for the printing and publication industry in Iran.
I also wish to express my gratitudes towards you for the sincere and passionate appreciation of such an excellent artist who needs to be well known in the foreign countries.
Finally ,I suggest that you send a copy of this beautiful book to the manager of cultural services in the
Louvre Museum,Paris.
Arch.Gustavo Alberto Palumbo
October 1998

I am honoured to have such a statement of love for art.
I found in the glance of M.R.IRANI,the artist,the light of the crystal-clear spirits; They,as well as children,treasure the capacity of wondering in front of the spectacle of life.
We all must be happy when these pure personalities have a successful and loveful life.
Unfortunately, when we miss a person like this our sense of emptiness is deeper.
Talking about art with people loving art is like to breathe fresh air to me,after breathing longly the deeply heavy atmosphere of a culture that too much often forgets the idea of loveliness.
Dr.Alexander Xingas
July 1998

The book is a wonderful piece of craftmanship and I can hardly imagine the amount of devotion and hard work 
which has been put into projecting and completing it - not to mention the cost which went along with
producing it.
From the introductory words regarding the personality of the artist,his life ,his devotion to painting and his 
philosophy towards human existence, I take for granted that a deep and long lasting friendship,within the real
sense of the world,existed between yourself and M.R.Irani.
Let me express my deep admiration for both the artist and his great work and to you for having made it 
accessible to a large number of people worldwide.
Since I am not an expert in painting, I can only express my personal feeling on the many wonderful pencil 
drawings and oil and watercolor works of M.R.Irani.
They seem to me to be of great beauty, being a wonderful mix of colours and providing an enormous power of
expression and authenticity of faces and personalities.    
Hans Tanner
December 98

I'm impressed very deeply of your great efforts you have made in order to present all the works and the
real life of your famous painter M.R..IRANI.
We feel this book is made by much of love for the art and respect for the artist.
I'd like to congratulate you and your colleagues to this excellent work.
I'm sure you will earn worldwide a lot of admiration.
Jalil Mokabber
November 1995

Whenever I look at his last paintings,I get vanquished by the power and grandeur of his art,and it is at this
point that every viewer is enchanted and swoons.
It is also at this point that his paintings talk of purity,honesty, and humanity; one would say the paintings
talk about his pure soul and nature,the soul that has now met the eternity.
If Irani's fire has been extinguished superficially,thousands of fire-temples have been erected in the hearts.
If we have lost one great man and lover,hundreds of followers and lovers of art continue his way of life and
thinking. Strictly speaking,if he is extinct and silent,hundreds of artistic gatherings are being illuminated by
his human-spiritual teachings.
You can now hear the admiration of Irani from every artistic assembly;and,even his semi-honest friends have
started admiring him and his fabulous artistic power and love. His art and love was like a fable;and as sea
joins ocean, Irani and his artistic charm, too, finally joined up with myths and became immortal.
August 98

The book is really appealing with its high quality in printing and binding.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art,New York
May 1998

The book is beautifully produced so I compliment you on your efforts.
Jacqueline van Waasdijk
April 1999

Your very fine book has moved me deeply.
As I,myself,like painting,it was for me a double delight,a double emotion.
An Iranian Painter
October 94

This painter's ingenious fingers that so gracefully and orderly gave a full appearance to the wonders of creation and nature must be kissed a thousand time.

Karola T.Bossdorf
MAY 1999

I was deeply impressed by your book.
The portraits through the pencil drawing and the oil works especially deserve appreciation.
Those works and the two self-portraits of the painter on pages 80 and 335, in particular, remind me of  the late impressionists.Both portraits reflect the work of a powerful hand and the artful strokes of the brush,similar to the works of PISSARO and CEZANNE to whom I personally have a great respect.The Portrait of a Friend(c.1975) hints at a prospective perfection.
The charcoal drawings are indeed smooth and also impressive."His Mother" should also named in this respect.
I deeply feel that you have lost a friend whom you used to adore.
If only he had enjoyed a richer life and more useful years, presenting his works!
...perhaps he was not fated so.You have provided,through this book ,a precious and magnificent gift for him;and thus you have caused him to be understood well by the Iranians and the other nations.
(The National Museum of Contemporary Art)
August 1998

The publication gives an interesting insight into the part of Iranian art and culture represented by the artist.
It's a valuable supplement to our Museum's documentation library on contemporary art and will there be  made
available to our public.
Dr. Ali Asghar Shaerdoost
September 1998
                                        AGES SHOULD PASS FOR A STONE IN THE SUN,
                               TO BECOME IN BADKHSHAN A RUBY, IN YEMENE AN AGATE

The Persian culture still enjoys being proud of certain characters who have retained their nobility among the massive aggressions and conformities.
The book "PASSION FOR PAINTING"  is a witness that the mystifying strokes of the brush by the late
Irani is a point in case.Contrary to those who investigate the other cultures for the code of
mystery of the art of painting,Irani portrays the greatness and the grandeur of the Iranian Painting-this is
approved by the men of knowledge.
Though the sensitive and flower-like being of him was disselected by the wind of death , he will live in his works for years and even for ages.His paintings will hang from the walls of hearts and eyes like precious epigrams.
Nevertheless,your invaluable attempt to introduce the master's surviving works deserves high appreciation.
You and all,who have helped you , especially Irani's family,deserve being addressed by"MORE POWER TO YOUR
ELBOWS".This appreciation is due to the fact that the book "PASSION FOR PAINTING" is published quite acceptably from every aspect and in terms of the international quality standards.
This is ,as it was, Irani's right.
June 1998

This book is an extraordinary piece of art, showing art of a man who,of course,died much  too early.
I know,that you did this perfect job for Mr.Irani's family and to make sure,that the world will keep in mind  Mr.Irani and his paintings.YOU DID VERY WELL!
Maria Isabel Velasquez
Counsellor,Embassy of Cuba,Tehran
May 1998

My dream is to have the opportunity to send works of Iranian artists for this exhibition in Cuba, but "Wifredo Lam Center" does not have information about Iranian art.Your book is going to contribute to this proposal.
Warwick Hawker
Ambassador,New Zealand  Embassy,Tehran
May 1998

The publication you have sponsored certainly provides a wonderful tribute to an impressive artist. 
Peter Maas
April 1999

I want to thank you most cordially for this excellent book which describes the life and the selected works of
Mr.M.R.Irani. Congratulation for this fantastic work you have done.
You not only have fulfilled your exceptional promise but you also introduced a great Iranian painter to many
people and to many other nationalities.This allows us a deep insight into a most interesting culture and into
the art work of a first class-painter who -in addition-was also your good friend.
You bring together different nations and cultures which is indeed a most valuable undertaking.
George Jacoby
Counsellor,Canadian Embassy,Tehran
May 1998

This beautiful book in multiple languages is truly the testament of a great Iranian painter.
It should make better known the artistic work and accomplishments of M.R.Irani among a larger it to the attention of artistic circles.
September 1998
                                         The artists are the hosts of the history,
                                                 The politicians are guests in it.
Indeed , paying tribute to a friend who lives no longer and your remarkable attempt to collect artistically his
works is living the life itself.
More power to your elbows:A faultless support you have given him.Though you failed to save him ,he provided
you with the best opportunity to expose your sincerity,dignity and services to fulfill his rights and to
commemorate the name "IRANI".    
February 2000

Every day I look at some pages of the memorial book on the immense work of Mr. M.R.IRANI.
At this very moment I am admiring the pencil drawing of page 210.
Delicacy and sensibility combined together on a restricted background is the art of portraiture, Great.
Bridgeman Art Library
Adrian Gibbs,Collections Manager
April 2000

The Bridgeman Art Library is delighted to be able to show a selection of the work of the renowned Iranian artist Mohammad Reza Irani. Through our offices in London, Paris and New York and through our website we hope to be able to show Irani's work to interested clients around the world.The beautiful book "PASSION FOR PAINTING" which illustrates the artist's life and work will certainly help to ensure that Irani is remembered with great affection.

Bahram Hemayat(The Publisher)
April 1996


Whatever were done in mass media:Newspapersand T.V. and in other artistic gatherings,are 
all but a small part of a giant iceberg most part of which lies under the water.It is a deficient recognition 
of an efficient painter,nor is it an efficient view on a deficient painter.
The most audible word may be that the present artistic world has seen the flash of lightning, but has 
not yet heard its sound for which we should wait.


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