Although the people of the East and the West have got nearly the same and identical treatment of art, the essence of the Eastern and Western art is indicative of some gaps when compared, especially, in music and painting. The art of painting in Iran
as one of the noble and powerful manifestations of the Eastern art with the record
of seven thousand years has many things to tell.
The drawing of the scenes of hunting and fighting illustrated on the stone walls and
caves of stone age is suggestive of one of the richest and noblest cultures of the
history of humanity.Painting, as an important branch of pictorial art, is the art that is
presented in a bidimensional level,but in Iran this has had another dimension,the third
one,that has not been physical but rather the spiritual dimension of mysticism that
has been conceivable mostly to the noble and the delivered.Nowadays, we can see such characteristics in Iranian Miniatures.
Painting in Iran had not been the mere
creation of beauties, but what is shining
diamond-like in it is the crystalization of
love and mysticism and the manifestation 
of the subtlest philosophical and spiritual thinking.'Burning effect of remoteness' is
illustrated with so subtlety that its
effectiveness is more than any other
By: M.Farshchian,1992
(Iranian Miniature)

This,as the third dimension in Iranian Miniature along with the mysterious,enchanting,
and interrogatory colors create such grandeur and beauty that any spectator is
obliged to ponder and think for many hours.No work is created for the mere
observance of the conventional techniques in painting, but the main purpose of the
creation of an artistic work is the elevation to the world of mysticism,one beyond
the material world; and to unite with the beloved, the 'Final Truth i.e.'GOD'.
The recognition and understanding of such mystical attractive concepts and amorous
manifestations in Iranian painting require a sight of 'Heart' rather than a sight of 'Eye'.
Watching a painting is not important but the immersion into the world of spirituality,
beauty and love and, finally, 'The Ascension' through the light of its understanding
is more significant.

Tabriz carpet

Tabriz Carpet


IRANI belongs to this generation but not only as a simple painter and portraitist
but also as a sentimental man and passionate,ambitious,and dauntless painter
who honorably and suitably paid up his debt to the art of his country despite his
very short life;the painter who could not career his passion and capability in the
vast arena and died hope-sick;the painter whose paintings bear delicate hints of
the pleasant and delightful breezes of passion and beauty; and the crystallization
of the manifestations of the Eastern art in his work is fascinating.
                                                                                                              BAHRAM HEMAYAT
                                                                                                              The Publisher  

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The Painter


 Tabriz Carpet    

Tabriz carpet
Sounds of Creation
By: M.Farshchian,1985


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